Delay Your Aging Time with Electromagnetic Waves


PEMF technology- Taking care of Cell Injury and repair as to promote longevity and reduced rate of aging. PEMF 8000 offers amazing health and wellness benefits to all individuals. It is the future of Pain relief and Wellness and has become one of the Ultimate healing machines in modern times. The technology is quite clean and offers great services for everyone using PEMF 8000 device.

The PEMF 8000 technology has come as a solution for today’s worst health problems and is an amazing choice for people suffering from vital diseases. As per estimates, it has been found that Chronic pain due to illness, injury, surgery and old age has been one of the major incurable health problem in the U.S. and world till 2017.

Aging is a process of declining capacity for effective repair of cell injury. With the aging process, there is cumulative and poorly repaired natural cell injury. The ageing can be easily reduced taking the help of PEMF technology. The technology is helpful for those

  • Cells that can no longer adapt to stress
  • Suffering from abnormalities, whether genetic or nutrient-based
  • Has unrecoverable exposure to damaging agents

The technology promotes longevity and facilitates cell recovery and repair at the earliest stage itself. In case of reversible injury care needs to be taken for

  • Reduced oxidation phosphorylation with depletion of ATP
  • Cellular edema as caused by changes in ion and water flow
  • DNA damages
  • Mitochondrial and cytoskeleton alterations

The technology has become a benefit for Mankind from infant to the geriatric PEMF will lead to change in the paradigm of medicine all over the globe.PEMF technology can be used o improve body functions and thereby reducing effects of cell injury. Low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields or PEMF’s with right intensity penetrate through the entire body affecting every cell in their path. So, more intense PMFs affect all the cells in the body and are being used for various medical applications.

The classic effects of PMFs touch almost every aspect of cell injury process. The technology is quite helpful in reducing edema with improved circulation of body fluids and thereby opens up cell membrane channels easily. The technology is also helpful in increased production of ATP with stimulated repair mechanisms. The technology also enhances apoptosis of chronic inflammatory cells.

Cells that are out of balance are easily affected by PEMF energy. There is no other technology with a single modality having both the range and depth of action that clinically directed PMFs can have without harming healthy cells. However, some of the low intensity PMFs has long been approved by the US FDA for healing nonunion fractures.

In PEMF technology there is a question of field intensity as well. The PEMF 800 and Curatron provide a wide range of field intensities taking care of muscle contraction related issues. There are at least two FDA approved commercially available PEMF systems with field intensities comparable to the new PEMF technology. The technology is specifically being used for muscle contraction with transcranial magnetic stimulation.

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