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Pain relief from cancer with a senior citizen

My 92 year old mother has been using our PEMF 8000 device for just 6 days and has improved greatly. So much so she doesn't need her morphine patch any longer. I am so impressed. And I am so happy with the miraculous results with this machine.
- DV Collens

Nothing short of a miracle!

A friend of mine introduced me to PEMFs last year. I read everything I could find on PEMF therapy and machines also watched numerous videos. I started comparing devices and decided to go with the PEMF 8000 machine. The price was much more than reasonable and with the 30 day money back guarantee I had nothing to lose. And I bought a $14,000 PEMF 8000 device, after much research and internet study. I had immediate pain relief from chronic shoulder and knee pain shoulder pain is gone and I had been suffering for months, not being able to sleep at night. I injured my right knee badly last July and the pain has been excruciating. I had been seeing specialists, had an MRI, wore a huge brace for a month and was taking pain meds with little relief. I used to literally cry at night from the pain. After using my device for just the first two days, my pain is 90% gone. I know that this sounds ridiculous or like hype but it's true. I'm amazed. My fiancé has been using it too (for 3 days) and has had the same type of pain relief. No more pain in his shoulder or leg. He still has a little pain in his lower back but we're hoping with time it will too be relieved. Thank you to PEMF Wellness Technology and thank you PEMF8000 for this wonderful device. I am beyond happy!!!
- Ms.Rita Sorranio

Energy and relaxation with PEMF8000

I don't really have any major health issues but I've experienced increased energy and relaxation using the Pemf 8000 machine. I am also sleeping better and I could swear, that I am losing weight. I feel an overwhelming feeling of well-being. I'm an acupuncturist and am happy to recommend it to my patients. Thank you for this amazing device!
- Dr. JS Fielding NY

Amazing! Truly AMAZING PEMF8000 MACHINE!

I am quite skeptical of most new things I hear about, and so is my husband. This machine has been a true blessing our lives! It has helped us with back issues, diabetes, sleep, pain, and our household of 5 (including our 6 year old) is sleeping soundly now. Get this PEMF 8000 Basic device while you can and get it at such a great price! WOW!!!!!! Rosie Koob, CT
- Rose Koob

"Feel So Alive"!

I was feeling so sluggish with no energy! Bought this PEMF 8000 on a 1 month trial and so glad I did! I use it daily! I feel back to my old self again! I think my cells were all clogged up! It works!!! I’m loving it!! Thank Goodness!! Nataliee
- Nataliee from Huntington Beach

Dead nerves have regenerated

I had back surgery 5 years ago. Before back surgery my right leg was almost entirely numb. The doctor told me that the nerve endings would continue to heal but that about 2 years post surgery it would be as good as it was going to get. I got most of my feeling back in the first two years except for the outside of my right leg from my calf down across my ankle and extending across my foot to my big toe which was also numb. I've been used to it being this way for the past 3 years, believing that it was always going to be this way. I've been using my PEMF 8000 machine since the first of April. It's now May 20th and my numbness is going away. Almost all gone! My big toe is no longer numb, 80% of the top of my foot has feeling back as well. I'm still numb from my ankle up to only 2 inches above my ankle instead of 12 inches above my ankle! This is crazy. It can only be the PEMF 8000 machine!! Also totally pain free from other physical issues! Amazing results in such a short time.
- Anthony Gerracci NY

What A Relief !!!!

My husband and I are both 82 and very much noticing the aging. We are retired farmers and have been married for 62 years. We have a huge family-7 children, 23 grands, and 33 greats. I was the first to use the PEMF 8000, and found great relief from my pain. Our son had a stroke and was living with 24/7 pain. I gave him a treatment with the loop, and he has found immediate and lasting relief. Our son-in-law was involved in a serious accident and suffered with 24/7 pain. He has been using his pemf 8000 machine for 10 days and is also finding overwhelming relief. I can't wait to help more people in our huge family. I am so glad that I was told about this product!
- D.N. from South Dakota

A great PEMF Device PEMF 8000

I have about 7 bioresonance machines in my acupuncture practice in NYC, but PEMF 8000 is my favorite for stress, pain and prevention.My grey hair got darker and my old shoulder injury of 8 years got healed and many of my patients get good results for many conditions, even facials.Thank you Charlie for creating a wonderful product that I use for over 3 years without a single problem. MarkMoshchinsky,@ Tree of Life Acupuncture clinic
- Dr Mark Moshchinsky

I had to admit I was wrong! Kudos PEMF 8000

I didn't want my fiancé to buy this machine, because I didn't think it would work, I had to admit I was wrong! Kudos PEMF 8000. I thought a PEMF machine that would get rid of pain was ludicrous, how could that do anything? I didn't want to use it until she'd been using it for a week and talked me into trying it. My leg pain and shoulder pain went away in 2 days. I've been using it for only 2 weeks now and my lower back pain is 90% gone. This is unreal! I don't understand how it works; I just know that it does. This PEMF 8000 device actually made me a 110% believer! It's so wonderful to be living without pain all the time now, and I sleep so much better now because I'm not waking up in pain at all.
- John Knudeson, Ashville Ill.

Amazing Results!

Amazing results! I have had AMAZING results from my PEMF 8000 unit - I'm pain free, dead nerves are regenerating, improved vision and more. I have helped a few friends with my loop also. One of them had debilitating pain in her shoulder and across her clavicle into her neck. She used my machine 4 times and has been pain free for over a month. Not only am I blessed to be helped so much, but it makes me so happy to help my friends too!
- Natalie G


I always wanted to help people feel better! When my wife and I opened our store I put a PEMF 8000 unit in the back of the store! Wow what a difference in people’s lives it has made. From- M.S. ,migraines ,flu symptoms ,strokes ,Parkinson’s ,knees, frozen joints, dogs, after surgery pains and speed of recovery, backs, knees, shoulders, low energy, vertigo, sprained ankles, knees, shoulder, elbows,and so much more.
- Landy Cason

Back pain gone in 1 week!

Doug Nelkin-Back pain gone in 1 week! I'm so excited to report that I'm free from back pain after only three days of using the PEMF8000. I've also had improvements in clarity, focus and energy. I've lent it out to 3 of my friends who have also had amazing results. I just love this PEMF8000! I was a huge skeptic to begin with so I'm really amazed. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy works! PEMF8000-It’s a Miracle! Regards, Doug Nelkin- Long Island, NY
- Doug Nelkin

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