Shop PEMF 8000 Products

Shop PEMF 8000 Products

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Shop PEMF 8000 Products

Please do not hesitate to call me anytime with any questions or need further information. I’m here to assist you!

We feel that this information can help you decide and learn about the world with PEMF! We have many testimonials from our team of Chiropractors, Veterinarians, also dentists now using our device with many successes.

PEMF8000 With superior engineering comes superior performance. The redesigned PEMF8000 offers an unrivaled speed of induction, which translates into a more dynamic treatment experience. Tissues respond rapidly, aches and pains are alleviated, and cellular energy is.

PEMF 8000 GLOBAL DISTRIBUTORS was founded in 2012. We are a family-owned and operated manufacturing company that is inspired by a passion for high technology and meaningful service to others. PEMF 8000 creator has over 20 years of experience with Tesla Technology and diligently engineered the PEMF8000 Device for quality and 20th Century State-of-the-art Science!

Shop PEMF 8000 Products

We research, develop, and manufacture game-changing technologies for patients who have few treatment options they can count on.

You can find our devices in the homes of out-patients and in the offices of chiropractors, therapists, caregivers, and veterinarians on all four corners of the globe.

Because the results we achieve with our device are unmatched, we define the cutting-edge in the PEMF industry.

Our goal is to assist you, your patients, and your loved ones reach a new pinnacle of health and wellness. Please, take your time with this information, science, and video education, and kindly get back to me anytime with any questions or concerns.

Our company has been successful for 10 years and has over 20 years in the field of PEMF Science and research.  I would love to have you experience the effectiveness and power of our machine. It has a 30 Day money-back guarantee. No other PEMF offers this agreement. With no charge for re-stocking or shipping.

Shop PEMF 8000 Products

Review and consider our affordable PEMF8000 devices that are further-more superior as an alternative to the popular and overpriced PEMF120, Magnapulse, MagnaCharger, and others that cost over $22,000.00 per Device!

The fact is that PEMF 8000 is low-priced and made in the USA; both our devices lead the field in advanced technology and will continue to update and research our already remarkable device! 30 Day Money back guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranties! There is no other PEMF company in the worldwide industry that offers all these benefits!

While most other PEMF system manufacturers stop research and development efforts once the unit has been brought to market, the PEMF 8000 is in a continuous state of updating. This is the value of a physicist developing a system as opposed to a businessman – the physicist is never satisfied!

The current model is housed in a new enclosure, has a newly designed spark chamber, and a new capacitor design, and is 25% more powerful than previous models.

The PEMF 8000 features 21st-Century technology, NTS, “Never The Same Frequency Pulses”. NTS Constantly changes the delivery of energy. The maximum intensity of the unit – about 2.4 Tesla – is yet another testament to its impeccable design.

Charles Farricielli

In Connecticut


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