What can PEMF 8000 Do to Your Horse?


In modern medicine, PEMF Therapy is the most sought out and the most recommended treatment. PEMF therapy is not only used for pain relief, treating broken bones, but also for treating insomnia and depression. A unique thing about the PEMF device is that it is also used for treating horses.

The various things it can treat horses is ligament injury, sore stifles, sore backs, chronic hock soreness, sore shoulders, fractures, founder, stone bruises, and those wounds which don’t heal. These treatments usually last less than 30 minutes and are very effective. They produce a calming and relaxing effect and is not at all stressful.

Before treating yourself or your horse with the PEMF device, you will wonder whether it is safe or not. Over the last years, we have observed that PEMF systems are very common in race tracks and horse barns. They have developed in the way they are treating their horses. They do not use weak PEMF devices but use strong high powered PEMF devices which may produce a sound like a loud crack or snap while treatment is going on. This sound is nothing but the internal production of the spark that produces the magnetic pulse.

The person who is operating uses a coil over the areas that are affected, and a large magnetic pulse is generated. This pulsed electromagnetic field works at the cellular level. Many studies are going on regarding the usage of electromagnetic fields, and many of them aren’t certified. But the PEMF Therapy is certified as the safest method to use on yourself or your animals.

PEMF Therapy has various benefits, and it works miracles for those pain afflicted areas. PEMF Therapy has various benefits for your horse. It can improve performance by increasing the speed, strength, stamina, suppleness and the range of motion. It can relieve pain by reducing inflammation, stiffness, and soreness from injury.

It can detect areas of soreness while it provides relief that is quite noticeable. It reduces recovery time by bringing your horses back to their original fitness level at a very fast rate. It can heal your horse’s injuries faster including all those wounds, fractures, illnesses, etc. It relieves and heals those deep muscle soreness by penetrating deeper than laser or massage. It can improve overall health, comfort, and wellbeing with its capability of working on various conditions which involve soft tissue, bone, hooves, illness, and age-related issues.

The device is portable which makes it easier to provide treatment at various places without having to transport the horse to the treatment facility. PEMF Therapy is very effective on horses and improves their performance at a very fast rate. The longer a horse is on PEMF therapy, the shorter time it takes for it to improve its performance. Horses are strong, but they are very delicate. To take care of your horse’s injuries and give them the best care available, PEMF Therapy is the best alternative. PEMF therapy works at the cellular level providing faster results.

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