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Charlie Farricielli’s insight:PEMF8000

PEMF8000 heals chronic pain at its source by magnetic pulses to the body with an electromagnetic field. This field safely transports a pulsed charge of micro current electricity deeply into the body at speeds exceeding 10 nanoseconds per pulse. That electricity inhibits bacteria and enables the cells to repair the body, take in clean nutrients, and remove dangerous toxins more effectively!

The PEMF8000 is the first of its kind capable of reducing or eliminating chronic pain in less than 5 minutes of therapy. Dramatic improvements in the body’s condition can be seen and felt starting the first treatment and they continue for about 3 days subsequently. The PEMF 8000 has a rich development history. It is predicated on an earlier bulky and temperamental Greek system.

The new PEMF8000 has been improved dramatically in performance, durability, and ease-of-use. Enhanced engineering, state-of-the-art components, and user-friendly design make for a functional, robust device. While most other PEMF system manufacturers stop research and development efforts once the unit has been brought to market, the PEMF 8000 is in a continuous state of updating. This is the value of a physicist developing a system as opposed to a businessman – the physicist is never satisfied!

The current model is housed in a new enclosure, has a newly designed spark chamber, a new capacitor design, and is 25% more powerful than previous models. The maximum intensity of the unit – about 2.4 Tesla – is yet another testament to its impeccable design.

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