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How Does PEMF8000 Pro Help The Body to Heal?

PEMF and Chiropractors Changing the world of medicine!

Watch our interview with this 40+ year seasoned chiropractor. He knows a thing or two about muscles and joints. See what he says about how PEMF works, what it has done for him and how it is helping his patients. He treats patients from every walk of life and sport with his PEMF8000 Pro.

Tennis players, football players, motocross crazies, and more! Ask your chiropractor or healthcare professional about PEMF. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is FDA approved, supports pain management, helps with noninvasive healing of muscles, joints, and bones (for people and our four-legged friends!).

AND – If you’re a chiropractor, find out how PEMF will help you grow your practice and help heal your patients! 

The Business Benefits of the PEMF8000
The PEMF8000 pro literally

Recharges your batteries’ PEMF for Chiropractors

PEMF for Chiropractors | PEMF for Doctor Offices – PEMF8000 Pro. The PEMF8000 Pro devices are extremely versatile – PEMF8000 Pro will assist the Body to Heal and it’s designed to treat a broad range of conditions in the human body. While there are other PEMF machines available, they don’t come with durability, reliability, effectiveness, and power as the PEMF8000 Pro.

This powerhouse can work from around 1000 Gauss to a maximum field intensity of around 20,000 Gauss (2 Tesla), with a frequency range of 1 Hz to 100 Hz. This means more of the targeted and penetrating pulses hit their target and perform the desired therapy. For complete body rejuvenation, cellular repair, and freedom from chronic pain, get plugged into the PEMF8000 Pro Series of devices – it’s the leading light in the remarkable, ongoing story of the PEMF therapy revolution.

Inside each cell of your body is an “energy factory”. Surrounding this energy factory is a membrane of energy pathways through which nutrients go in and waste is expelled. Over time, these pathways are blocked by toxins so the cell can’t take in the nutrients it needs. This causes the cell to “deflate” and to not function as it should. Have you ever seen someone beat the dust out of a rug? When they hit the rug with a stick, all of the dust and dirt is knocked into the air. This is sort of like how PEMF systems work. The magnetic current “hits” the cell and knocks the toxins free. The cell’s nutrient pathways are now clear and the cell can begin to take on nutrients again. The other thing PEMF does is recharge deflated cells. Each cell has a positive charge outside and a negative charge inside. If the charge inside is less than the charge outside it deflates. PEMF restores the electrical balance. It’s kind of like when you pump air into a deflated ball. The pressure inside the ball is greater than the pressure outside so the ball inflates big and round.
Visualize this treatment as a life-energy-boost

that mobilizes all your cells to the max capacity


In the image to the left, you see 2 white blood cells circled in red in an anaerobic and inflamed body. They are about the size of a red blood cell. Highly compressed and completely immobile. There was hardly any movement visible inside the cell.

While observing the blood on screen we realized that all cells, red and white fell apart within 3 to 8 min. The outer membrane disintegrated and the cell collapsed in a very short time. This lack of energy was also apparent in the patient. No energy at all. She complained about fatigue and high levels of stress.

If you see these two compressed cells representing your complete immune system then there is little hope for any healing or defense. These cells can barely survive on their own, despite performing their job.

It is also very evident that no chemical substance (vitamin C, DCA, B17, or Artemisin) which would normally be used for the treatment of cancer would have any effect in such a state. Not even oxygen in high concentrations could bind to these cells and mobilize the blood.

PEMF Treatment Principles


In this picture, you see the blood sample from the same patient just 20 minutes later after a 15 min PEMF mat device treatment.

(YES it’s the same patient and YES just 20 minutes later)

As you can see the white blood cell is about 3 times the size of the red blood cell and it moved very actively across the screen. Inside the cell, the cytoplasm shimmered and moved vibrantly.

All cells held the membrane stability and mobility for around 45 min and tested again the next day in the morning the blood looked like this.

PEMF8000 pro

Development History

The appliance of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field energy at regular weekly or bi-weekly intervals is the ideal treatment for chronic pain, tense muscles, and frozen joints. In addition, applications before adjustments help reduce inflammation and hypertension in real-time, making it easier for the practitioner to affect the adjustment more effectively and with ease.

Since low-level laser therapy, aka cold laser or laser bio-stimulation, was introduced more than 20 years ago, it has slowly gained acceptance and is today used in many institutional and private practices.

It has had a slow adaptation curve. The same will hold true of the use of low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy in our field.

This article introduces PEMF therapy and explains how it can be applied to treat muscular aches and pains, particularly of the lower back.

The efficacy of PEMF therapy has been well-documented.1-10 PEMF is a combination of electromagnetic fields at a given frequency. There are many PEMF devices on the market today, some stationary and some portable, varying from nano (10-9) and pico (10-12) Tesla to several Tesla; and from a few hertz to mega (106) hertz. Devices manufactured outside the U.S. require a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) listing to be sold here.

Magnetic fields (MFs) and electric fields (EFs) are generated by many sources and are present everywhere around us. Some sources are man-made, while others are naturally occurring – such as the static MF of the Earth and solar activity.

Units of MFs are measured in Tesla (T) or Gauss (G), where 1T = 10,000G. For reference, the Earth’s MFs range from 25µT to 65µT (0.25G to 0.65G). MF intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source.

MFs can be defined by their intensity or amplitude, wave frequency, and waveform. Numerous articles have reported on studies of the effects of short and long-term exposure to environmental PEMF, mostly 50 Hz to 60 Hz.

Time-varying electromagnetic fields (EMFs) used in therapy are also known as PEMFs. EMFs are non-ionizing and athermal; i.e., they produce no significant heating of the tissue.

One of the common theories regarding MFs’ mode of action is based on inducing small EFs on the tissue, thereby promoting certain biological effects.

PEMF therapy provides Chiropractors a non-invasive, safe treatment.

PEMF’s are recognized as real physical entities that promote improvements in various health conditions, even when conventional treatments have failed to produce adequate clinical results. PEMF therapy provides a non-invasive, safe, and easy method to directly treat the site of an injury, the source of pain and inflammation.

Medical literature is abundant in the mechanisms of action and the therapeutic effects of PEMF in a variety of health conditions. Despite extensive evidence included in the literature demonstrating the beneficial effects of extremely low frequency (ELF) weak magnetic fields (WMFs), there is little standardization in this area and a large variety of PEMF therapeutic devices and treatment parameters exist. In addition, there is uncertainty regarding the biological mechanisms of action taking place during EMF-tissue interactionT

There is basic and clinical evidence that time-varying MFs can modulate cellular and tissue function in a physiologically and clinically significant manner.13-14 For example, we have seen 16 Hz MF of 80-100 nT induce a cardio-protective effect in rats following acute myocardial infarction (AMI).15 We hypothesized that 16 Hz MF would induce KATP ion channel openings to mimic the pharmacological effects of potassium ion channel openers, which are known to be cardiac protective in certain human clinical trials.

This effect is achieved through a shortening of the myocardial action potential, followed by decreases in calcium ions entry, having an inhibitory effect on the inotropic state of the heart, and serving a cardioprotective effect for the ischemic myocardium following AMI.

When entry of calcium decreases, oxygen consumption of contractile elements is reduced and calcium loading during the ischemic period and the subsequent recovery is expected to be reduced.

Support for our hypothesis was shown by Fixler, et al.,16 and Yitzhaki, et al., who showed an effect of 16 Hz and 40 nT MF on cardiac myocyte Ca2+ transients, via modulation of KATP channels opening.

Other studies suggest MFs induce EFs and small currents on the tissue, thereby promoting certain biological effects. As alternating current flows in a treatment coil, the emitted MF penetrates the body, inducing current and EFs in the exposed tissue.

The induced currents or EFs are controlled by several characteristics of PEMF therapeutic devices: the waveform, the rise/fall time, and the rate of change of the MF peak-to-peak. Therefore, it is important to specify those modifiable characteristics.

EFs and action potentials are produced in body cells and tissues to promote ion-channel opening and transportation of ions efflux (such as Ca2+, K+, Na+, Cl-) in and out of the cells, thus constituting the basis for physiological activity.17 EFs generated in body tissues are of magnitudes ranges 0.01-100 V/m; therefore, it can be ascertained that such induced EFs can promote physiological effects in accordance with the tissue type.

With suitable intensities and appropriate time-domain characteristics, it is possible to evoke action potentials using external coils. The coil produces a time-varying MF that penetrates into the body. The MF induces an EF that can depolarize cell membranes in the tissue.

The electrical properties, such as conductivity and resistivity of each tissue, interacting with the field to which it is exposed, impose certain highly specific changes in the energy characteristics of the targeted cell/tissue. In addition, other investigators have found that the frequency of alternating current (AC) MF which causes an effect on the potassium channels also depends on the direct current (DC) component of the MF (in ranges of 40-50 µT) based on the ion cyclotron resonance frequency theory.19

In this process, a resonant transfer of energy from a time-varying MF occurs when its frequency matches the cyclotron resonance frequency (or its harmonics) of an ion moving within a static MF.

Therefore, the possible mechanism for the influence of EMFs on biological systems may be the result of the combination of applied static and alternating MFs which affect the interactions between calcium ions and calcium-binding proteins.20-21

PEMF does seem to have biological effects on body tissues and organs. Further exploration of the clinical benefits and outcome measures on a variety of patient populations with different underlying diseases, as well as understanding the mechanism(s) in which PEMF produces its therapeutic effects, is certainly warranted.

This co-author [Dr. Fidler] has been in practice for close to 20 years, and has seen and used various therapeutic technologies. For the past 18 months, I have been using a portable PEMF unit to reduce pain and inflammation, and increase cellular regeneration and healing.

Many of my patients have benefited greatly from the application of PEMF therapy. Here are a few examples describing the outcomes achieved thus far:

  • 41-year-old multi-sport male professional athlete who suffered from moderate LBP secondary to multiple fractures and facet syndrome. Daily pain ranged from 3/10 to 6/10; within a few weeks of applying PEMF therapy, his pain was gone.
  • A 35-year-old male truck driver suffering from moderate to severe plantar fasciitis with a pain level of 6-7/10. Applied PEMF therapy twice a day. The pain was reduced to 4/10 by the end of the first week of use; by the end of six weeks, the pain was 1/10, measured at the end of the workday, and the patient is now fully functional.
  • 40-year-old rugby player, post-ACL reconstruction, suffering from continuing edema and pain. The patient had restored ROM within two weeks of PEMF applications and pain levels have decreased from 5/10 to 1/10.
Moderate cervical disc herniations
  • A 56-year-old female with three moderate cervical disc herniations. Limited cervical ROM and daily average pain levels of 5-6/10, with flare-ups to 8/10. NSAIDS were not helpful. Applied PEMF therapy twice daily; within one week, pain levels had reduced to an average of 2/10, with significantly increased cervical ROM.
  • 23-year-old female professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter suffered a severe thoracolumbar sprain. Severe spasm and pain level of 7/10; severely limited ROM. Applied PEMF therapy; within one week, pain levels were down to 2/10 and the patient had returned to a full workout.
  • Finally, two world-champion female MMA fighters and one world-champion contender used a portable PEMF device I provided to them as prophylactic therapy during training. All three reported they recovered faster than they ever had during training.
Summing Up: PEMF for Chiropractors 

A large body of evidence suggests PEMF has positive therapeutic effects on a variety of clinical indications. The mechanisms underlying such effects continue to be studied by active institutional and private-practice clinicians, in clinical trials, and inhuman and non-human animal experimentation.

Since no single therapy is effective for all patients, the application of PEMF may be an important therapeutic enhancement for select patient populations when used as part of an overall chiropractic regimen.