PEMF Videos | Pemf 8000- Pemf Device Videos | PEMF Testimony



  PEMF Videos, Pemf 8000- Pemf Device Videos, and  PEMF Testimony. By introducing a complementary electromagnetic field into the body, you can reestablish healthy electromagnetic exchanges. This is where PEMFs are so valuable – they stimulate all levels of the body. PEMF pulses and energy are non-toxic and non-invasive and also penetrate through the entire body, affecting individual cells that make up the tissues, organs, and complete body systems.

During the healing process, we affect the physics of the cell first. Physics affects chemistry which affects the tissue. Dependent on the problem, PEMFs can address an imbalance quickly (as with a bruise), or work to bring about a change over time (as with organ system dysfunction).

“Pemf is a benefit for Mankind from the infant to the geriatric.
Pemf will lead to a change in the paradigm of medicine.”

Dr. Linus Pauling — Double Nobel Prize Winner

PEMF Videos | Pemf 8000- Pemf Device Videos | PEMF Testimony

        What Is PEMF? What is Pulsed ElectricMagnetic Field?

Doctor Pacelli our good friend in Indiana has joined our Doctor staff and has recorded some helpful videos.

I’m sure you will find them to be interesting and assist you in understanding the power of PEMF8000. If nothing else, enjoy it!

  • After the hurricanes swept past our Florida coast during the 2011 hurricane season, I overdid it using a chainsaw to trim trees and my shoulder was killing me.  I had the worst case of tendonitis that kept me from being able to pick up my children.  After using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for 15 minutes on my shoulder, my pain was gone!–HOWARD – FLORIDA
  • I would like to thank you for the excellent care you have given me with your P.E.M.F 8000.  I have been astounded at the results I had received with only 3 treatments for my L4 prolapsed disc. I was able to stand straight and was able to walk with only a minor limp. Now with nearly 20 treatments of P.E.M.F., I am amazed at the outcome, as most times I am 100% free of any symptoms. I look forward to furthering treatments as well as looking forward to referring patients who can benefit from this miraculous device.  ”–BERNARD – MICHIGAN

PEMF 8000 PAIN Relief Testimony



PEMF WELLNESS TECHNOLOGY LLC was founded in 2012. We are a family-owned and operated manufacturing company that is inspired by a passion for high technology and meaningful service to others.

PEMF 8000 engineers have over 20 years of experience with Tesla Technology and diligently engineered the PEMF8000 Device for quality and 20th Century State-of-the-art Science!

PEMF WELLNESS TECHNOLOGY team researches develop and manufacture game-changing technologies for patients who have few treatment options they can count on.