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PEMF 8000 Equine | PEMF 8000 For Horses | PEMF Equine Device


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$18,999.00 All Equine Accessories Included! 20,000 Gauss also 15′ Equine Loop!

Factory Direct Price! Now successfully used in Racetracks around the world.

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PEMF 8000 Equine

All Equine Accessories Included!

25,000 Gauss also 15′ Equine Loop!

Factory Direct Price! Now successfully used in Racetracks around the world.

Compare to MagnaWave! Savings: $7,000!

Uses for Pemf 8000 Equine Therapy

PEMF 8000 Equine

  • Pre/post-event treatment
  • Increases range of motion in high-performance horses
  • Immediate blood oxygen (up to 200%)
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system
  • Stimulate acupuncture points
  • Relieves tension
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • No recovery time

Our PEMF 8000 engineer’s team created a state of the art equipment, with over 20 years of experience with Tesla Technology, and diligently engineered the PEMF 8000 device for quality and 21th Century State-of-the-art Science!

The technical element is entrenched in a very durable military-grade pilot suitcase, which has a retractable handle and dual stainless steel bearing wheels so one can easily pull it behind for easy transportation.

PEMF8000E Mobile Case Unit weights 42 lbs and measures 22″ x 14″ x 9″. PEMF8000E Mobile, is our first device ever produced, is extremely user-friendly. The Case unit displays a power on/off switch and a start and stop button all combined with an intensity/frequency knob.

The PEMF8000E-Equine Mobile model is housed in a rolling suitcase and is ideal for those intending to travel with the device. Includes :

  • Control unit
  • Single-Gel Loop coil (Longer for Equine Treatment} 15″
  • Double/butterfly coil (Option)
  • Hoof Coil (Option)
  • Power cord
  • Control Box: 17” L x 14” D x 26” H
  • 2.5 Tesla 25,000 Gauss max
  • Waveform: Square
  • Weight: 41 lbs
  • Loop coil: 12-inch diameter, 15-foot lead
  • Timer: 3 Minutes to 30 minutes

pemf 8000 equine therapy

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 32 in

3 reviews for PEMF 8000 Equine | PEMF 8000 For Horses | PEMF Equine Device


    I gladly and wholeheartedly testify that the PEMF8000E (EQUINE) machine works and have seen awesome results with my horse, Cruiser! He was having some hoof issues last year that caused soreness all over, but especially in his right shoulder!
    After our horses receiving PEMF treatments with the PEMF 8000 he was visibly more comfortable and it reflected in his warming up more calmly and running faster times!
    Honestly, I am not making this up, he starts licking and chewing as soon as he walks up to Top Notch Equine/Hildreth Equine Therapy booth!

    PEMF8000 E has also helped my family and loved ones with many health issues. Thank you for a wonderful and helpful amazing device!


  2. Kaitlyn Roberts

    Kaitlyn Roberts – March 21, 2019:

    Through trial and error of different pulsed electromagnetic equipment, I have found the PEMF8000 Equine Pulsar 2.5 is bigger, better and so much more powerful than any other similar device that we have tried over the course of many years. The 8000 has proven to be extremely effective and produces a result in a very short time. Also not to forget the excellent and professional customer care you can experience. No wonder they all horse people too!
    We send horses to the winner circle on a regular basis. Our record is impeccable compared to the others that get there only once in a while.
    Equine Therapy Specialist


    Margorie Turner- September02, 2019

    I was recommended the Equine PEMF8000 for my mare who was already having ongoing bodywork due to old muscle/body damage in the form of chiro and physio and I had a chat to the lovely Charles from PEMF8000 and it was agreed that it would be advantageous for my mare to help improve her body from a cellular level which would in turn help boost the return on the bodywork she was already receiving. Little did I know how much improvement I would see and feel in only 2 treatments!!! My mare could not canter before the treatments without throwing her head around and looking like a camel, today, my first ride back after her treatments and I was riding a super lively, controlled, beautiful canter. With one more treatment to go, I cant wait to see the futures results!!

    Definitely, recommend PEMF8000 Equine Pulsar for this treatment to any horse that suffers from muscle soreness. My mares were severe and it is helping her to no end.
    Thank you so much, PEMF WELLNESS TECHNOlOGY.

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