PEMF Therapy: Heals Many Diseases


Everything in our body happens with electromagnetic exchange. Pulsed electromagnetic field or PEMF therapy is now widely used in the field of medicine to treat many chronic diseases. However, it is not a new method. PEMF uses electrical and electromagnetic field in treatments. PEMF discovery helped the doctors treat many complicated illnesses like depression, schizophrenia, spinal cord injury, shoulder pain, hypertension, epilepsy, optic nerve atrophy, etcetera.

Since late 1760s electrical devices were used for treatment of many illnesses. Tesla discovered electromagnetic field therapy for the field of medicine. PEMF was mostly used in treating fractures since its discovery.

The pharmaceutical companies were rapidly going down because the use of PEMF or electromagnetic therapeutic devices went out of favour among the doctors as the pharmaceutical industries called the usage of them “quackery”.

PEMF therapy reduces the usage of medicines. It strengthens a person physically and mentally, and minimizes the pain.

For years, tests have been conducted on PEMF devices and also the therapy, to treat fractures, pain, insomnia, depression, and many illnesses. There are many companies that sell PEMF devices. The prices and specifications vary from one another. Most of the companies use tricky scientific terms and number to confuse the customers.

So it becomes hard to purchase a good PEMF device. There are two types of PEMFs. They are high power PEMF and low power PEMF.PEMF 8000 is the best device in the market, with advanced technology.

There are two main things that have to be observed when purchasing a PEMF device :

The first one is the amount of energy we get with each pulse. The PEMF therapy is used in relieving stress, improving fitness and slepp ratio, and reducing wrinkles. PEMF 8000 gives immediate relief by killing the bacteria and strengthening the immune system within few seconds of the treatment.

The second one is the speed in which each pulse enters the body. This is very important because the quicker the pulse enters, the quicker the cells get energized.

Thus, PEMF 8000 devices are better and faster than other devices as the tissues respond quickly and pains and aches are relieved instantly and cellular energy is enhanced. The engineers that developed PEMF 8000 had at least two decades of experience in technology.

PEMF 8000 is dependable, affordable, and effective. It improves cellular activities, sleep, healing, muscle relaxation, brain functions, repairs soft tissues, scar tissues, reduces inflammation etcetera.

PEMF Mobile unit is portable, as it comes in a rolling suitcase. It is also easy to carry as it weighs about 42lbs.PEMF 8000 deluxe model professional is an easy plug and use model.

Both come with a three year factory warranty. If the product breaks within the warranty period, the the manufacturer repairs or replace the whole unit if needed. But there are few limitations for it too. Like, the warranty doesn’t include if the device is damaged due to moisture or water or dropping it, removing or adding labels, damaging accessories, removing serial number and attempt to repair it on your own!

Search online for PEMF 8000 and you could know and understand better. You could order the PEMF device online if you wish.

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