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PEMF8000 Pro “Revolution 2.5” The Super-Pack 5 (516)


PEMF8000 Pro “Revolution 2.5” Super-Pack. This device is honored as one of the best pulsed electromagnetic field devices available today, the PEMF8000 Pro Deluxe has demonstrated to many Clients, customers, and Doctors to be a truly effective and most durable device.

A best-seller for PEMF WELLNESS TECHNOLOGY.  The 2.5 Tesla/25000 Gauss Mobile Case Unit combined with a carefully chosen selection of attachments will guarantee that you have the right tool on hand for any possible treatment.

  • Treatment Mattress
  • Standard loop
  • Butterfly Loop
  • Splitter (to use 2 applicators simultaneous)
  • Special thank you present

A must-have for any good chiropractor, pain management clinic, or alternative care offices, who want to be in the 21st century of professional service.