Super-sized Horse LoopSuper-sized Horse Loop

Super-sized Horse Loop



Super-sized Horse Loop

Super-sized Horse Loop 18″ inches in diameter with 13 feet of lead) is especially preferred in the equestrian field. It covers great areas in “Sandwich-Style” treatment,

which helps to reduce the all-over treatment time and accelerates the healing and reenergizing time tremendously.

But even in human use, this almost full-body applicator gains more and more popularity.

PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) Therapy is widely used in conditioning racehorses at racetracks around the world.


PEMF therapy regenerates damaged and diseased tissue, and repairs are torn tendons and fractured bones.

PEMF therapy enhances the synthesis of protein in the cells, allowing the body to take advantage of all the proteins available.

PEMF therapy improves circulation, not by increasing heartbeat or blood pressure, but by opening and dilating the arteries and capillaries. This also reduces edema (swelling).

PEMF therapy increases the cellular level of oxygen absorption. Studies have shown that oxygen partial pressure can be increased by 200%. This reduces pain associated with a lack of sufficient oxygen. Also, insufficient oxygen in the cells causes lactic acid buildup under strenuous exercise.

PEMF therapy is particularly effective in getting to deep muscle soreness (back, stifle, etc.) because of its deep penetration.

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Weight 10 lbs


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