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Pemf Depression

In our daily life, we are used to seeing people and our loved ones getting hurt or injured physically. But that is bound to happen when you have a body, we can get hurt and also we will heal. But there is some pain that we cannot see or even recognize at first. That disease is called “depression”.

Depression is easily one of the common mental disorders that can be found nowadays. There are 350 million people affected by depression worldwide. And that is the only case we know of. This world can be a tough place to live, resulting in some people to suffer from sadness at first and then gradually going towards depression. The situation can also be deadly for some people if not treated.

Why does Depression Happen?

There are no significant causes for this disorder, according to scientists. But they have come to a conclusion, blaming the brain’s chemical imbalance for this. There are also a ton of theories as to why this imbalance occurs, the main reason seems to be because of the patient’s life situations. Maybe the person has lost someone they loved or because of some failures in life etcetera.

Mostly depression happens because of genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors, according to the NIMH. There is a certain medical situation that can trigger the situation even more. In cases of some women, after hitting menopause or after childbirth because of hormonal imbalance, depression may rise up.

How to Diagnose a Person with Depression?

Diagnosing someone with depression is hard because many people seem to make the mistake of missing a mere bad mod with depression. Depression is something that builds up over the serious of bad incidents in the individual’s life, not after a bad day. Likewise, if someone is sad because their loved one died and the sadness is not constant, it will not be considered as depression.

The many reasons for Depression…

  • Changes in neurotransmitter levels
  • Environmental changes.
  • Someone who has experienced trauma.
  • Abuses of drugs or alcohol.
  • Tragic life events.

No matter what the reasons are but it is highly recommended to be treated otherwise depression can be life-threatening. There are many symptoms of a depressed person. Such as…

  • Irritability
  • Not being able to focus, concentrate or make decisions.
  • Not being able to sleep or sleeping too much.
  • Tiredness or lack of energy
  • Episodes of crying
  • Thought of suicide
  • Headaches or body aches

What is the Treatment?

Because this is a mental problem mainly, the solution to this problem can be tough. There are so many people who do not get the treatment for their condition. And this is not a good thing because the situation can get worse and lead up to major depression. The treatment for this situation is a combination of medications and psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy- This is also known as talk therapy or counseling. This method has been a success to help people with depression. There are two methods in psychotherapy, one is cognitive-behavioral therapy. In this method, the patient is taught to deal with depression by changing the negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive ones. And the second method is to deal with a bad situation by thinking of a solution, which is called a problem-solving therapy.

But these are tough to apply because there are not many people who admit to having depression or even after admitting they are not willing to talk about it to some unknown person. In these cases, someone who is known to the patients can be helpful. Talking to someone with their problem will at least be helpful in releasing the build-up tension within them. Depressed people often find it hard to talk to people and find their selves alone in tough situations, leading to being more depressed. A friend, a colleague, or a family member can help a lot by being compassionate.

Medication- Prescribed drugs or antidepressants helps by altering the mood. The way they work is by affecting naturally occurring brain chemicals that lead to making the mood better. There are many antidepressants that work great for these patients. And these medications usually take 2 to 3 weeks to works properly and the symptoms such as appetite, concentration, and sleeping habits improve little by little.

The Role of PEMF Therapy- Now this is another great way to deal with depression. Because this is the only way the patient won’t have to go to a stranger for advice or even take medication, which can lead up to drug abuse. That is why PEMF devices are such a working and good way to fix these situations.

PEMF works with airwaves to treat us of any disorder and diseases. Our body is mainly made of tiny cells, from our bones, organs, and skins. These tiny cells are the bearer of potassium, sodium, and calcium in our body, and they do it with the force of positive and negative charges. But when we suffer from an accident or some trauma these charge exchanges get disrupted. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy or PEMF works to directly recover that disturbance. The device sent both positive and negative energies to restore these changes in cells. This biohacking tool uses an electromagnetic field for healing the patients.

This Device not only Works for Depression but a whole lot of other Diseases. Such as…

  • Skin problems
  • Hair Problems
  • Dizziness
  • Swelling
  • Numbness

The PEMF devices have been around for a while now and they sure work greatly. This device is a sure painless way to treat any diseases effectively. PEMF was originally invented for treating cancer but when the waves seem to improve the entire body’s health, doctors begin to recommend this method in other health problems as well. One thing is for sure that this device will not only work for one of your problems but will be able to improve your overall health as well.

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