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This new PEMF device is smaller but still as high quality as its bigger siblings. With its 10,000 Gauss (1.0 Tesla) it’s a perfect device for the home use, RV, second home, or any road adventure! This light weight PEMF8000 Pro “Mini” can be your travel companion so you’ll never be without PEMF therapy.

PEMF Machine Made For Mobility

The technical part is embedded in a very durable military grade suitcase, which makes it easy to carry around. This powerful yet efficient PEMF machine is user friendly so anybody can operate it. It has a power on/off switch and a start and stop button besides the combined intensity/frequency knob. Just plug in the needed attachment and start your PEMF treatment by dialing slowly till the desired intensity is reached.

If you have some long trips planned and your muscles and joints could use a little extra support, this is the perfect PEMF device for you! When you are researching PEMF machine price considerations, this portable unit is not only good for your body it’s good for your budget! Please call us with any questions!

It comes with:

  • Standard GelLoop
  • Special thank you present

A Treatment Mattress and ButterFly Loop are optional, but also available!

If you’d like to order this product, please call 844-879-7363

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PEMF8000 Pro Mini 1.0

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 24 in

2 reviews for PEMF8000 Pro Mini | PEMF Therapy for Home Use


    Dennis M- Shoulder Pain GONE, Neuropathy Almost Gone, Tinnitus Much Improved
    I’m very impressed so far with the results I’ve had using the PEMF8000 Mini!. The improvements I’ve had include: Shoulder pain is gone, neuropathy almost was gone, tinnitus much improved, swollen ankle much better. I’m happy to recommend the PEMF8000 to others.

    Also, the PEMF Wellness Technology Customer Service (Charles) is outstanding. They helped me with healing and protocol techniques.
    Thank you Thank you

    Sincerely, Dennis


    Jason AND Joanna Pursins- Don’t Be Skeptical.PEMF8000 WORKS! We Are Blown Away!
    Don’t be skeptical.PEMF8000 WORKS! We are Blown Away! We bought our mat in Jan. 2018, and after using it ( PEMF 8000 DELUXE) for about 3 months, my wife and I definitely notice improvements in our health. I have arthritis in my knees which required me to wear a neoprene sleeve on my left knee.

    I had pain in both knees. After using the PEMF8000 a couple of times, I no longer have any knee pain and I don’t wear a sleeve on it anymore! My wife used to have to take a pain reliever every morning for joint pain: She no longer does. We use the Loop for 20 min. in the morning and 20 min. in the evening. We just feel better overall.

    If you are skeptical about this, you need to ask yourself some questions. Are you tired of buying/taking pills for your aches and pains? Tired of doctor bills? Then you need to check this out! For us, this was the best investment in our health that we have made! Thank you!

    Thank You, Charlie!

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